Thanksgiving Break Homework/ “Curate” and Jay-z

In the blog post ” What does it mean to “curate” by Chelsea Emelie Kelly, she quotes the definition of curates from the article at Fast Company which states that it means, “individuals with a passion for a content area to find, contextualize, and organize information”. As with my understanding of the Pinterest example which is extremely relevant in our world today, curating means to me that once you find an interest and care for something, you find objects and pick the best ideas and organize them to make sure that it goes along with that certain idea. I believe that Kelly portrayed the meaning of curate well by showing the idea of getting the best artwork from that museum and even other museums to use the skill you have to show the best collection of materials.

As comparing it to Jay-Z’s website “Life and Times” he shows his favorite ideas and the objects that are important to him and the interests and experiences within his life. He uses this website to relay his ideas to the world and expressing what he cares about the way someone with a Pinterest account would make sure the account is up-to-date with new pictures and recipes which is interesting for others to look at. One who is curating, gives others incite into their passionate ideas and their own online language that revolves around them. Jay-Z picks his favorite pictures and interests on his website like a museum curator picks certain artwork for the museum.

I think I curate in my own life as I am always organizing and adding new pictures to the social media in my everyday life. I always keep it up-to-date and publish it for others to see my interests. Like on instagram, I may curate some of the foods I have tried or some of my favorite pictures like a museum curator picks their favorite artwork for a collection. I think this will influence my portfolio because I will make sure it is organized and put together in a way that interests me to be connected for the final project as one.


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